Immunoassay, Automation and Autoimmunity


AXA Diagnostics is a partner to DASIT Group, an organization entirely financed with Italian capital, together with other leading In Vitro Diagnostic organizations such as DASIT S.p.A. and Industrial and Research Laboratories, such as CARLO ERBA Reagents S.r.l. and FASTER S.r.l.

companyAXA Diagnostics has started its business in 2009, leaving its clear mark of distinction by facilitating the daily work of laboratory specialists. Our reagent kits are dedicated to the diagnose of autoimmune diseases, with a complete offering ranging from ELISA to DOT/BLOT.

Completeness of the proposed product lines is on the track of continuous improvement, with the aim of providing cutting edge solutions to the IVD market.

AXA Diagnostics products are brought to market by a direct sales force in Italy and by a network of distributors abroad.

AXA Diagnostics has certified its own Quality Management System to be compliant to the contents of the ISO 13485, in order to provide safe and effective medical devices which satisfy customers’ legal and operative needs.

Our SkyLAB™ 752 automated ELISA/IFA processor is an FDA registered medical device


Certificato AXA ISO 13485 Scad 2021

AXA Diagnostics provides also OEM equipment which is able to fulfil the most complete needs to automate the processing of IVD reagents. Our cutting-edge technology brings into market tailor-made solutions in order to face the most challenging workloads in a laboratory.

If you are interested in receiving information about our OEM proposals, please go to our contacts page. An Axa Diagnostics’ representative will contact you and provide the information you need.